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Vessel General Permit
VGP sampling

We offer VGP sampling & analysis services to comply with US EPA VGP Testing 2013 requirements.

We conduct analysis & reporting of the chemical, Bio-Chemical and Biological constituents from the following ship discharges;

  • Bilge water

  • Grey water

  • Ballast water

  • Exhaust Gas scrubber wash water

Our consultants are available to visit ships in major ports around the world. We embark on ships in quayside or in anchorage. BMS is partnered with a network of ISO 17025 certified laboratories to conduct analysis.

Samples which requires to be analysed immediately, they are conducted on board by the BMS consultant. Other samples will be sent to laboratories within the stipulated time for analysis. 


Analysing parameters for VGP Testing reporting

Ballast Water

  • Total heterotrophic bacteria

  • E. coli

  • Enterococci

  • Total Residual Oxidizers (TRO) as Cl2

  • Chlorine dioxide

  • Chlorite

  • Chlorate

  • Total trihalomethanesa

  • Haloacetic acids

Scrubber wash water

  • Dissolved Metals

  • Total Metals

  • Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH)

  • Total Residual Oxidizers (TRO) as Cl2

  • Nitrate/Nitrite

  • pH

Grey Water

  • Fecal coliform / E. coli

  • Total Residual chlorine

  • Biochemical oxidant demand

  • Suspended solids

  • pH

Bilge Water

  • Oil & Grease content

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